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Who Are We?

SouthSide Moves is a dance brand that provides afrodance & amapiano inspired dance classes in Dublin and Galway.


We started our classes with the hopes of building up the afrodance community in Ireland. We’ve connected over 1000 students over the last 7 years from different nationalities. 

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At SouthSide Moves, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to dance.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to try something new or a seasoned dancer looking to refine your skills, our community of dancers is here to support you every step of the way.

We offer a wide range of classes tailored to all skill levels. Come dance with us and feel the positive energy and good vibes for yourself!


Our Community

Founded by Passion, United by Dance

Southside Moves was founded by the passionate performer and dance artist Lapree Lala in 2017. Her journey began with a simple yet profound realization: the absence of consistent afrodance classes left a void waiting to be filled. Lapree hopped on a mission to provide a safe and nurturing space where individuals from all walks of life could come together to dance, explore their inner creativity, and channel their expressive energy freely.

Our Objective

Bridging Cultures Through Dance

At Southside Moves, our brand's objective extends far beyond dance itself. We aim to create a welcoming haven where the vibrant tapestry of African dance culture intertwines with other unique styles. Through collaboration, we strive to share knowledge, foster unity, and celebrate diversity in the world of dance. We firmly believe that we are more than just a dance class—we are creators of vibes, movers of spirits, and a supportive family.

Experience the Southside Moves Vibe.

What sets us apart is not only the dance moves but the energy and togetherness that flow through our community. We are a vibrant, spirited, and supportive dance family that offers more than just dance classes. We are a network of collaborative creatives and dance professionals who come together to elevate the art of movement. If you seek an energetic and joyful space to express yourself and connect with like-minded souls, look no further—this is where it all happens, and the vibes are always on point.

Collaboration & Support

 You're Family

Community lies at the very heart of Southside Moves. Through our classes, events, and content creation sessions, we've brought together hundreds of individuals, each with their unique stories and backgrounds. What unites us all is the power of dance, the magnetic pull of good vibes, and unwavering support for one another. Whether you've attended one class or a hundred, the moment you step into our studio, you become part of our ever-growing family. We pledge to make you feel at home, welcomed, and embraced.

Join us in celebrating the universal language of dance, where every step we take is a step closer to connecting hearts, sharing cultures, and building lasting friendships.


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Meet Lapree Lala


Lapree Lala is more than just a dance artist; she's a driving force in the world of dance, a passionate advocate for change, and a beacon of confidence-building. As a professional dance artist affiliated with Dance Ireland, Lapree specializes in two captivating styles: Afro and Amapiano. Her mission? To foster integration, community, and empowerment through the art of dance.


Empowering Youth Through Dance

One of Lapree's remarkable endeavors was her collaboration with the Irish Refugee Council, where she spearheaded the "Move Your Mood" project. This initiative involved teaching Afro dance to young displaced youth while offering therapeutic sessions to aid their transition to Ireland. Through dance, Lapree helped these young individuals find their rhythm in a new land and build the confidence to embrace their new lives.


Connecting Communities Through Dance

Lapree has also left her mark on various community centers, bridging the gap between people through the universal language of dance. She currently leads workshops in partnership with Akidwa, offering free classes to women in Direct Provision. These classes provide a sense of belonging and familiarity to those in search of community and connection.


Dancing with Industry Giants

Lapree's influence extends far beyond community centers. She has shared her expertise with major corporate entities such as Google, Facebook, Accenture, Salesforce, TikTok, and more. Her ability to teach and inspire extends beyond Afro dance, as she leads empowering twerk classes. Through twerk, Lapree empowers countless women and shares skills that promote self-confidence and empowerment.


A Portfolio of Collaborations

Lapree's dance journey has been nothing short of eclectic. She has graced events like Wellfest, Reformation, Electric Picnic, and even Culture Night Dublin, where her artistry shines on a grand stage. Her collaborations with various artists continually shape her evolving and growth-focused approach to dance.


Founder of Southside Moves

At the heart of it all is Southside Moves, founded by Lapree Lala. Southside Moves offers not only dance classes but also community engagement sessions. People from all corners of the globe come together to celebrate unity and the power of connection through dance. Lapree brings in international instructors, creating a tapestry of Afro culture, showcasing different styles, and fostering connections among people who share the love of dance.


Join Lapree on a journey where dance transcends boundaries, builds bridges, and empowers individuals to express themselves with confidence and grace. Lapree's dedication to her craft and her commitment to fostering community are at the core of everything she does.

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