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Who Are We?

SouthSide Moves is a dance brand that provides afrodance & amapiano inspired dance classes in Dublin and Galway.


We started our classes with the hopes of building up the afrodance community in Ireland. We’ve connected over 1000 students over the last 6 years from different nationalities. 

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Our Community

Southside Moves was founded by performer and dance artist Lapree Lala in 2017. After a lack of consistent afrodance classes, Lapree found her passion in providing a safe and supportive environment for anyone to dance, exploring their inner creativity through movement and expressive energy. 

Our Objective

The objective of our brand is to welcome, support, and teach African dance culture while embracing other unique styles that we collaborate with in hopes to share more knowledge. We believe that there is more to our dance community, we are more than a dance class, we are vibe creators, dancers, movers and more.

We are a fun and supportive dance community that not only provides a space for expression but also a network to other collaborative creatives and dance professionals. If you are looking for an energetic and fun space then look no further cause this is where it's at. The vibes are always correct. 

Collaboration & Support

Community is at the core of everything we do at Southside Moves. Through our classes, events and content creation sessions we have brought hundreds of people together, from all walks of life. No matter who we are, we find connection in dance, vibes, and support for one another! Whether you’ve been to one of Southside moves' classes or one hundred, as soon as you step into the studio you are part of the family, and we will always make you feel welcome!


Lapree is a professional dance artist in Dance Ireland and an instructor who specialises in afrodance and amapiano. As an advocate for change and confidence building, she is currently hosting classes to promote integration and community. 

She has worked with the Irish Refugee Council with a project called “Move Your Mood” where they taught young displaced youth on how to dance Afro and had therapy sessions on their transitions to Ireland.

Lapree has worked with many community centres connecting people through dance. 

As the founder of Southside Moves, she provides dance classes and community engagement sessions where people from all over the world come together to celebrate unity and being able to connect through dance. 

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