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Private Sessions

This is an enquiry on the one-on-one Afrodance session with Lapree Lala.

These one-on-one sessions are great for:

  • Past dancers who want to get back to dancing;

  • Anyone who wants improve;

  • Relearn favourite class choreos.


Mind The Step, Strand Street Great, North City, Dublin, Ireland.

Price varies:

1hr; €79.99

This is not a booking section for weekly dance classes, to book the weekly class please go to the class bookings page. This to enquire about potential one-on-one sessions or private group bookings.

Private Events and Performances

We are more than a dance class. We have other things in store for you...

Ever walked out of a dance class that was good vibes? At SouthSide Moves we’ve earned a reputation for being the most lit vibes in town. If we are not in the studio, then we are out spreading good vibes on afro nights out and more.

We offer other services like performances for events, corporate companies and music videos. We have a variety of different dancers that specialise in different styles like afro, dancehall, hip hop, belly dance and more.

Southside Moves has been an integral part of the community since its founding in 2017. With a vast range of performances, events, and workshops — we’ve helped aspiring artists make their show biz dreams come to life.


Through our community, we have taken part in many fun events like Bloco Átha Cliath, Top 8 Dance Battles Show and Wave. Check out our latest updates and join our growing community today!

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