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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What If I have never been to a dance class before?

That's exactly what we're looking for. We want to provide you with a welcoming experience to start your afro-journey the right way. It’s normal to be nervous or anxious about trying new classes but just go for it.


2. What to bring?

  • Bottle of Water

  • A towel if you sweat

  • Good Vibes


3. Do you have online classes?

Yes we do, every Mondays time varies so check on our "book now" section.

4. What should I wear to class?

As the classes are very active (we do a lot of legwork), we highly recommend attendees to wear comfortable clothing that they feel confident in. Some examples include:

  • Sweatpants

  • Leggings

  • Shorts

  • Baggy- Free Flowing

5. What age do you have to be to attend?

We currently don’t offer classes for under 18's, however, they must be supervised by a parent or guardian if they wish to attend.


6. At what time are the classes? 

Classes are subject to change on a weekly basis, for an updated version check our class schedule.


7. How long are the classes?

Classes usually run for 1.5 hours, however, workshops run for a longer time, usually 2 hours.


8. Where do you teach the classes?

Our main studios are Dance Ireland-Foley Street and Mash House Dublin. We would highly suggest you check the location upon booking classes.


9. If I can’t attend a class, can I receive a refund?

Cancellation policy for weekly classes:

If you can no longer attend class, you can resell your ticket or email us at for a refund if your booking is cancelled 24 hours or more prior to class.

9.1 What if I can't make one day of my course package?

If you can't attend a day from your course package, we cannot transfer your ticket or offer you a refund. The course work on a full commitment basis, if there's a day you can't make it, we highly advise to check out our drop in class tickets

9.2 What happens if I can't attend a class but I did not give 24-48 hour notice?

You are more than welcome to resell your class ticket to other students within our group chat or dm us on instagram if you're not in the group @southsidemoves

10. Can I pay at the door?

Unfortunately, we work with a strict online policy to monitor numbers and attendees in classes. You can sign up in advance and pay as you go. 


11. What level am I?

Beginners is for you if you are just starting out, but also if you enjoy a relaxed and slower-paced class. Don't feel like you must jump up in levels super quick. Being a beginner is great as you are learning technique, confidence and picking up choreography without having to unlearn bad habits. Enjoy the challenge and don't compare your journey, we are here to help and are super patient, but we will always want to push you so don't be scared by the crazy moves and floor work - we got you! 

Open level is a chance to push your foundation skills as the class will move at a faster pace but ultimately, we will push you in whichever class you pick. We will have a mixture of Pro's and training dancers along with students who are killing it in classes and want to advance their skills, don't be afraid of joining though, the vibe is amazing, and everyone pushes each other! 

Int / Adv is for those who want to work on their artistry and perfect their skills. It's a perfect way to meet and train with industry professionals in afrodance and have a community of dancers on the same path. The line ups and guest teachers will often have major dance credits and have done incredible things within the industry, please do not miss the opportunity to train with these choreographers. 


12. Can I pay as I go or join when I want?

Yes, you can sign up for literally whatever you want and at your own pace. We have just launched single-class passes for you to choose exactly what suits you per month but also if you prefer to dip in and out when things are busy, just sign up for whichever class you want without any membership or extra fees.


13. Can I transfer my ticket to the following week if I can’t make it?

We generally need 1-2 days’ notice for attendees who can’t make it to class and unfortunately you cannot transfer your ticket to future classes, however, you’re more than welcome to resell your ticket or request for a refund. 

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